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In Memory

Dave Bundgard

Dave Bundgard


A wonderful friend in high school and Cabrillo. Dave joined the Navy in 1967 and served in Subic Bay, The Phillapines for 13 months, was sent home for a month and then was deployed to Viet Nam where he served dutifully as a Navy Corpsman. 

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11/06/13 05:36 PM #1    

Bill Probert

Dave Bundgard was a best friend in high school.  I loved hanging out with him and his sweet girlfriend Karen Kelly. Dave and I played varsity football together our senior year and he blocked for me when Dave Mercer handed the ball to me for a run. I would yell at him if he missed a block or hug him when he made that big crunch when he blocked the linebacker to open a hole for a good run. He was a great guy.

When I blew my knee out he was by my side all the way. He was true friend and I am so sorry that we didn't get to spend more time together after high school.

Dave, I can see your big smile and I loved giving that "yell" together in the cafeteria or at a basketball game. Thanks for your friendship. I miss you.


03/24/14 04:07 PM #2    

Marc Sproule

we were pretty tight in h.s. used to double date, him and kells, me and marilyn miller.

was on a flight to portland about 15 years ago. recognized him sitting across the aisle from we.

said "hi buns", he turned to look and we both started laughing. caught up with each other 'til we got to pdx. i got off, he went on to seattle.


06/28/14 05:17 PM #3    

Karen Kelley (Lund)

Dave, thank you for all the fun we had in high school and at Cabrillo.  Having you go into the Navy was bittersweet.  I was very proud of you and your decision but was in constant fear for your safety.   You served honorably and did your part to heal those in need as a Navy Corpsman assigned to the Fleet Marines at Camp Tien Sha, near DaNang.  God bless and keep you.  I know you and your brother Denis are together somehow, someway.   Karen

08/22/14 04:12 PM #4    

Harold Aguilar

Corpsman and Medics who gave it their all in Vietnam are unsung heroes of the war.  They constantly put their lives on the line to tend to those who needed them without regard for their own safety.  Those who returned home because of the lifesaving attention you gave them will never forget you.  And those who could not be saved will always remember you because you tried.  It was a tough time and a tough decision many of us had to make shortly after we left high school.  You stood tall and proud to do what you thought was right.  I am proud to have known you and thank you for all your did during your time of service in the Navy.  Bravo Zulu !!

08/23/14 03:13 PM #5    

Karen Kelley (Lund)

Thank you, Harold.  That was very kind of you.

10/25/14 07:40 PM #6    

Ken Brownell

After our August planning meeting, Karen asked me to scan several photos for the web site.  One was a Prom photo of Dave & Karen during our Junior year and, on the back of the photo it said,  "Doubled with Amy & Ken, went to Brookdale"  I remember that evening, it was a long drive to the restuarant and the dining room was cold with the stream running through it, not the romantic dinner we had envisioned. We were also late getting to the Prom.  I got to know Dave through the teams we played on and we enjoyed a close friendship our Junior and Senior years.  He was a good, loyal friend with an easy going manner and fun to be around.  I lost contact with Dave after high school but I'm happy to learn that he and Karen did get married. I'm sorry it didn't work

Dave was a good man and I'm sorry to learn of his early passing.

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