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50th Reunion Program

Reunion Program  

(Scroll down to see entire abbreviated program and reunion pictures.)

We hope everyone enjoyed the "Class of 1965" reunion weekend!  The Reunion weekend was created by feedback from our 65 classmates last year and we hope it met the expectations of all of you! The planning committee led by Ken Brownell worked hard and long to deliver you this wonderful weekend.

Mr. Hashimoto came up to me after the reunion and said, " I have been to many reunions, and this reunion event has been  the best!"  What a complement from a wonderful teacher and friend to us all.  We hope the reunion weekend culminated with reconnecting with friends, sharing old memories and creating new memories. 

We also had a long overdue task which was due our "class of 65"  veterans of the armed services. To our veterans, we hope you experienced the pride we have in your sacrifices and accomplishments as members of the armed services during the Viet Nam War. Our goal was to give you a huge THANK YOU, a big "WELCOME HOME" and a parade that you long deserved!  

To our "Classmates of 1965" we hope you had a wonderful time reminiscing with old friends and teachers. As Paul Flint (Mora) so eloquently said, "Don't be sad it's over, be glad it happened!"

Until We Meet Again!

Next "Class of 1965 Reunion" 2020


 Reunion Program Re-cap for those unable to attend! 

Hosts for the evening!

Lopes & Probert

Comedy Team found lost in the Palm Springs Desert Area

When asked what they were doing?  "We were looking for work and got lost."

( Sorry, we had no budget. This was all we could afford?)


Watsonville High School images 1962-1963

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Cheerleaders and Pom Pon girls lead us in the Wildcatz Fight Song!

Go go you wildcats

Break right through that line

With our colors flying

We will cheer you all the time

Hu Rah Rah

Go Go You Wildcatz

Fight for Victory

Spread far the fame of

Our fair name.

Go you wildcatz with that game!

Go! You Wildcatz go!

Hit ‘em hard, hit ‘em low

Go! You wildcatz go!!

Photos from Saturday's 50th Reunion Event- Thanks to Harold Aguilar!


Introducing the 50th Reunion Planning Committee


Thank you "Planning Committee" for the long hours, the hard work and planning and for delivering a wonderful 50th Reunion! You all get an A+ !!!

















The Three "Reunion" Stooges 

Jim Lopes- Finance      Ken BrownellFearless Leader   

Bill Probert Website



Watsonville High School images 1964


Who traveled the furthest distance to the Reunion?  Answer:  Gary Walford 8000 miles from Australia!

Who has the most number of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren?  Answer:  Ed Carloni 26

Who has lived in the most places?  Amy Newell  (over 10+ places)

Who has been married the longest?   Jack Spurlock    55 years

Who has published the most number of books?   Philip Anderson  10 books on medical/drug topics! 

Who drives the oldest car?   Carolyn Morris Pearce    1929 ????

Who has the most number of legs living in their house? (people and animals)   Help??

Who has the youngest child?  


Golf Event at Seascape Golf Club hosted by Ben Ragsac and Dave Mercer Photos by Aguilar




Watsonville High School images 1965


Mora High School 1962-65

Photos of the Friday night "Welcome Event"   (There are 300 photos so be patient )

Honoring Our Veterans

Letter by Kim Anh Nguyen, a San Jose resident and a member of the Vietnamese womens Association. This appeared as an editorial in the San Jose Mercury on Memorial Day 1984  

Read by Karen Kelley Lund

On this Memorial Day, I want to express my deep gratitude to all of the American people who came to the aid of the South Vietnamese during the Vietnam War.  If you are not sure why America was there, maybe I can help you to understand. . . I was there too.


Before Americans came to South  Vietnam, the landowners in North Vietnam were already being murdered or buried alive under "land reform" initiated by Ho Chi Minh.  Their wives were "confiscated" and given to Communist soldiers.  All successful individuals were placed in Re-education camps were they were brutally tortured, killed, maimed and starved to death.


Men, women and children were stripped of their humanity.  They were robbed not only of their personal possessions, but of their life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Innocent people were found guilty by mere accusation.  They were then beaten without due process or representation.  I want Americans to know that the 60 million Vietnamese people now living under a cruel totalitarian regime lived better lives during the Vietnam War.  Through the American soldiers we learned about democracy, freedom and the sanctity of life.  During those precious years, the American soldiers were the wind beneath our wings.  They were and are our heroes.


They brought honor to the greatest constitution ever written by humankind.  The seed of freedom and justice for all was planted.


I want the Vietnam veterans to be proud of what they did in Vietnam. Remember, you did not start that war, you fought a valiant fight to help stop the bloody dehumanization of an entire culture  Your slain brothers and sisters did not die in vain; they died in uncommon valor.


Kim Anh Nguyen

Memorial Day, 1984




John Inguillo -Born 1947,  and died in Viet Nam on June 1969

Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice for your country, for your hometown of Watsonville and for your classmates of 1965.

We love and honor your memory forever!














"Proud to be an American"


"Until We Meet Again"

Happy trails to you, until we meet again.
Some trails are happy ones,
Others are blue.
It’s the way you ride the trail that counts,
          Here’s a happy one for you. -Dale Evans

   See you at the 2020 Class of 65 Reunion!