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Gary Lee (Mora High)

Profile Updated: April 1, 2020
Gary Lee  (Mora High)
Residing In:
Emory, TX USA
Jennifer Evans
Occupation: If retired, what was your occupation prior to retirement.
Retired Fresno & Santa Cruz Co. Public Works
Children: (Example: Jimmy, born 1994; Mary, born 1998)
Jacob (step son) 1986
William 1992
Military Service: Enter branch served and any information you would like to share regarding your military service. (Leave blank if you did not serve in the military.) Thank you for your service to our country!
US Naval Reserve  
Yes! Attending Reunion
Comments: What have you been up to since you graduated?

Well, I don't have a police record, yet.
Schools: Cabrillo, Fresno State (BA) National University
(teaching credential)
Work: PV Farms, Hillcrest fur farm, Apprentice
operating engineers Local 3. 12 yrs Fresno Co.
Public Works Dept. 20 yrs Santa Cruz Co. Public
Works Dept.
Military: US Navy 1967-8 3rd Class Quartermaster USS

School Story: (Have a favorite school story? Funny memory? This can be used for anything you'd like to share.)

It didn't seem like there was a whole lot of room for goofing-off at Mora back then, but being somewhat of a natural low achiever, opportunities were there if no one was around. One day, in study hall, a few of us were just being silly, in spite if multiple reprimands from Jim Pavishaw the Senior in charge. Jim had finally had enough and selected two instigators for reprimand. I was the first selected, and Steve Franich had the bad luck of being second chosen. Mr. Pavishaw marched the two of us out to a breeze-way between classrooms where we would be both unnoticed and unheard. He instructed us to start taking turns slugging each other as hard as we could in upper arm till one of us cried "uncle". As the punishment played out, it soon became obvious that the exercise was a failure. Steve and I were both laughing throughout, and after a few blows, Jim was cracking-up as well.
It turned out that we were not as quiet or as invisible as was hoped for, and the three us ended up doing "time" in Detention after school that same day.

What do you do for fun?

Almost everything that takes place after I wake up in the am becomes part of another glorious day, so the list of fun things could go on indefinitely.Being a Maker/builder and having a 1,000 sq.ft. workshop offers endless opportunities for hands on amusement. Currently have a Peeler Skiff on the work table. Alongside the project boat is a trailered "garage queen" Champion Bass boat which is almost always ready for launching into our bay at Lake Fork.
Being a semi-recent TX transplant and wishing to better understand the soul of the south, and Texas in particular, I've been reading Zane Grey and Louis L'amour short novels.
Still follow the Giants, 49rs, FSU Bulldogs. Camping backpacking, chasing after the world record Largemouth Bass here in the lake. Friends here in the "hood" are meat fishermen (Catfish, Crappie, White Bass, etc.) and hunters as well. I'm looking forward to a night-time Wild Boar hunt using night vision hunting equipment.
Been brewing beer since 2005 and a how-to class at Cabrillo a few years back.
Don't care much for TV programming, but listen to ballgames and Conservative talk while working in the shop.
Asleep yet?

Who was your favorite High School teacher? Why?

There were lots of teachers at Mora who had significant impact but I'd have to say that Coach/Mr. Sprague was right up there at the top. He was so upbeat, energetic and full of life that he, through usually humorous insights, lifted those who would listen to new and higher levels of achievement (or at least the desire to do so) . Mr. Sprague told me a few things about myself that I didn't but needed to know. He also taught us about the things we loved- PE, Baseball & Basketball. He was unique in a way to me as a male authority figure, having had only Sisters of ND serving as role models since the 1st grade.

What was your favorite class? What was your least favorite class?

Favorite: Recess, Lunch break and PE
Least favorite:
Don't think that there was one for me.
Whatever knowledge was available through
osmosis or passive learning was all that counted.
Grades didn't matter unless they nixed participation
in sports.

What was your favorite event during your years at WUHS?

My favorite event had to be the '64 Varsity baseball League Tournament which we won by beating Pescadero, Holy Cross and Junipero Sera, all on the same Saturday (I think).
We played Pescadero on the road the day before, winning with Chas. Banovac and I sharing pitching duties so that we wouldn't overworked and "fresh" for the Tournament. Charlie Started against Holy Cross and I finished, getting the win- Yea. The game ended after Pete Scrivani singled in the bottom of the inning, followed by "dying Quail" single off the end of the bat by yours truly, with Scrivani Going to third.
Jerry Faller ended it with a line drive just over the bag at 3rd base that would have been an inside the park home run had the game not ended with Pete crossing the plate.
I started game 2 (against Pescadero) and was pulled after 3 innings, and can't remember who finished for the win, but it was either Charlie Banovac or Faller. Jerry became the all around champion by pitching a complete game against Juanipero for the win and was awarded the Tournament MVP award. Win or lose, baseball games were always exciting, something that never failed to end the teenage doldrums. Winning that championship launched my spirit into orbit then, and it seems like only yesterday.

Who were your best friends in High School?

My social life ,then, could best be understood by knowing the definition of the phrase/behavior "parallel play".
There were only 13 guys in the Mora graduating class, and I think of them all as brothers, each with memorable moments we've shared and never forgotten. As hard as it may be to believe, the times were all good.

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?

Nope. faded into the ether. Moving to Fresno shortly after Navy service, and staying in the central Valley for 20 years
pretty much laid fallow the common ground, and put an end to the cultivation that associations require to sustain themselves.
God Bless

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Hi Jo. Happy birthday. Stay healthy.

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Happy belated birthday Benich.

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Jul 30, 2019 at 7:24 AM

Hey Mike,
Jennifer and I are both well. we’ll surely look you up next time back. Hi to all.
gary @ Lake Fork

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Jul 29, 2019 at 12:10 PM

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Hey Varni,
Glad you’re still kicking. Happy birthday. Hope you are blessed with more than a few more good ones.
Take care old timer.

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