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In Memory

Donna Bernstein

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08/26/13 07:46 AM #1    

Joan Schott (Hernandez)

I first met Donna in our Freshman year, in our sophomore year we were class yell leaders together with Harriet Akimoto. We went on many school bus trips ( before we could drive) to games to cheer on our team. Donna was athletic and competitive, she loved sports, especially "her" Giants and 49ers. That lead to many debates in our Dodger household! 


She loved to have fun...one of many memories was when we went to the Sadie Hawkins together in our Junior year, Manuel was in the Marines and Rod didn't want to go, so we dressed up silly and laughed all night. There was always much laughter when you were with Donna.
She was diagnosed with a genetic form of emphysema around 40, as her illness progressed, she always kept her sense of humor and continued to always look for something fun to do. When she became eligible for a lung transplant we had many long talks, her fear was not of dying; it was of not living and laughing. She did not survive the transplant surgery and passed in January 2003. She left her son Matt and daughter Amy and many friends and family that loved her.

There are so many memories in a forty year friendship, I hope this brought back some of your own that you shared.

Miss you Donna and think of you always

09/13/13 02:41 PM #2    

Ken Brownell

I went steady with Donna in the 8th Grade.  We sat together on the bus with the cheer leaders and players to basketball games ("Mr. Todd's car stops at every bar") , went to school dances together, and danced at the 8th grade picnic at Uvas Meadows.  I enjoyed her sense of humor and we were friends through high school.  I saw her mostly at reunions but we would speak on the phone between reunions.

In October, 2002, we had a Gathering of Cats and I spoke with Donna about attending.  I learned that her health had deteriorated.  I sent her a video of the event and we had long phone conversations in the ensuing months about people in the video.  In December, 2002, I was staying in Carmel and I wanted to visit Donna but she said she was too sick.  A few weeks later she had her transplant surgery. 

Her father, Jerry, loved baseball and had a big personality.  She was a lot like him, brash and lots of fun.  She is missed by many.


11/06/13 05:31 PM #3    

Bill Probert

Oh Donna.... Oh Donna....... Richie Valens

I cry when I hear this song because it reminds me of you! We became friends in the 3rd grade, I always loved being around you and your wonderful personality.  We hung out together all the way from elementary school to E.A Hall and then on to Watsonville high. You were always the cheer leader and one of the cutest and most fun girls to hang out with~

I remember a party in your garage when I was in 6th grade.  We played records on your 45 record player and we played spin the bottle.! Yes. I lost and I got to kiss my first girl!  I think I wanted to play spin the bottle all the way to college since I had so much fun that first time. 

You were such a dear friend and so much fun!  You dated some of my best friends and hanging out with you was always fun. I can't believe you're gone. My heart is broken.

Oh Donna Oh Donna........... rest in peace.




06/28/14 05:30 PM #4    

Karen Kelley (Lund)

I didn't have any classes with Donna, except maybe P.E.  I got to know her in a more fun way.  We would often sit near each other at football and basketball games and she would have me in hysterics.  What a sense of humor.  I envy all of you who knew Donna from grade school.  What fun. I remember having a long conversation with her and Judy Fosdick in the ladies' room at one of our early reunions.  Such a doll.


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